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Coffee Subscription plan

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Zimbabwe Full body, bright acidity with a nutty/sweet taste.
Uganda Heavy bodied with a big bold taste, excellent acidity with a heavenly aroma.
Tanzania Peaberry This mild-bodied coffee with a sweet fruity note is a specialty sorted Tanzanian.
Sulawesi Toraja Heavy heavy-bodied, with a nice aroma with some spicy tones.
Sumatra Mandheling Heavy bodied low acid level with a nutty flavor. Grade 1 Sumatra.
DECAF Sumatra Mandheling Heavy bodied low acid level with a nutty flavor. Grade 1 Sumatra.
Rwanda Round, full body with distinct citrus notes and wonderful acidity.
Papua New Guinea Sweet aroma, round body, lively acidity.
Peru Mellow-bodied with a light floral acidity.
Panama A classic Boquete profile: winey acidity, full body, sweet aroma.
Nicaragua Sweet aroma, medium body and bright acidity, finish off this well rounded cup grown high in the mountains of Nicaragua.
Mexico Altura Light bodied with a medium flavor and low acidity.
Malawi High acidity medium body with a clean flavor.
Kenya AA Heavy-bodied, high acidity with a crisp snappy taste.
Java Estate Medium to heavy bodied with a deep smooth flavor and mellow acidity.
India Monsooned Malabar This coffee is laid out in the open and exposed to monsoon winds and rain.
Honduras The finest “Strictly High Grown” coffee from Honduras, flavorful and balanced.
Guatamala Antigua Medium bodied with a crisp, clean flavor.
Ethiopia Yirgocheffe Sweet, floral aroma, complex taste, heavy body with a soft, sweet acidity.
Ethiopia Harrar Medium-bodiedwith earthy notes. Multi-colored beans longer than most.
DECAF Ethiopia Harrar
El Salvador Mild-bodiedcoffee. Smooth with caramelized sugar notes and a winey finish.
Costa Rica Sweet and balanced, with a creamy body and bright acidity. Superb in both American and Full City Roasts.
DECAF Costa Rica
Colombia Probably the most recognizable and popular coffee in the world. Grown high in the mountains, this coffee possesses a nice snappy acidity, rich flavor, and aroma and finishes with a strong body.
DECAF Colombia

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Coffee Type

Ground, Whole Bean


American Roast, Vienna Roast, Full City Roast, French Roast, Espresso Roast.

Baggage Quantity per Dispatch

One bag of coffee, Two bags of coffee, Three bags of coffee


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